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Q: Will the ownership of a flat or rural farm be confirmed by a green title deed?
A: Yes; the ownership of a flat, country farm, and others such as villas and duplexes will be confirmed by an official green title deed.

Q: Can I make benefit from housing loans provided by public and private banks to buy a flat?

A: Yes; we can provide the requirements of your bank to grant a loan, in terms of putting a suitable mortgage sign on the real estate sheet.

Q: Will the handing over be on time?

A: handing over will be on time for the real estates underwritten during the achievement period, and will be immediate regarding the completed, partitioned and allotted ones.

Q: Will the specifications be respected?

A: Tamleek commits to use the best building materials in the constructions and dressing.

Q: Are services provided?

A: Yes; there is a water, telephone and electricity network. The Company will support its Project by a tourist and service compound. Tamleek is building sidewalks, paving roads and planting the parks within its Project.