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A distinguished plain linked to the entrances of Damascus City, on an area of 220,000 sq.m, enjoying clean environment and nature, close to Damascus City and within the Greater Damascus Expansion area. It can be easily accessed from many roads and in a very short time, away from Damascus suffocating crowdedness.  
On a widely spread plain, which is 15 km from Mazzeh Highway, with an outlook towards the Sheik Mountain and the Western Ghota, we, in Tamleek for Real Estate and Tourist Investments, launched the first integrated project of a modern-fashioned residential compound containing 600 residential units of different areas to satisfy any wishes, at a high level of building techniques and architecture.
The Project contains, also, a number of villas on different areas of land. Tamleek has set a time plan to complete the Project taking into account the excellence of some services, such as the wall that is to surround the whole project with technical and service staff  in the future.
Tamleek's strategy is absolute visibility in work; for that we decided to have our head offices within our first project on Kaokab Plain, so that, whenever visiting the Company, our client can look at our activities and work phases.
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