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When the paper plans become reality…
Close to Damascus City on a distinguished view towards the Sheik Mountain and the Western Ghota Plains and with an excellent architectural model, the Tamleek's Your House is Your Kingdom Project is located on Kaokab Plain to be a living example of comfort and luxury desired by lots of people who look for a new type of life in clean environment and fresh air.
Thus, the result of planning has been buildings with fantastic views and non-comparable architectural design of luxury and elegance.
From the inside, the eye can't miss the scene of the sun meeting the plains and mountains in colours that make meditation a pure pleasure. Willing to provide different choices of flats, we have four kinds of blocks of flats where the area and internal distribution vary.
Please choose your best model from among the following ones: 

Building Plan A
Building Model A
Building Plan B
Building Model B
Building Plan C
Building Model C
Building Plan D
Building Model D

Specifications of residential buildings and flats

Your House is Your Kingdom; 600 units will be built according to the following specifications
External dressing for all facades by natural stone and paint.
Fence for each island with a main metal door for each building.
Building roof by brick.
External wall insulation (thermal and water).
Internal mortar.
Black works of plumbing and central heating.
Black works of electricity and internal wiring.
Central water tank of 50 cubic meters.
Solar water heating system with hot water tank for each flat.
Wood door for each flat.
Aluminum windows and external shades for each flat.
Metal handrails for balconies.
Internal lift.
Central receiver dish with wiring for each flat.
Mortar and paint of the staircase.
Building entrance and stairs of marble.
Interphone for the building and an earphone for each flat.
Lighting of the entrance and the staircase.