Our Projects
Tourist and Service Compound
Country Houses
Luxurious villas
Why us?
The well-considered prices and various choices make our projects available to the majority.
The first concern of our Company is creditability in work at all levels; Tamleek does not call for the underwriting in any project unless 25% of the construction is finished.
Tamleek tries always to sell partitioned and allotted real estates whose ownership can readily be transferred to the client.
Tamleek's strategy is visibility and creditability in work; for that we decided to have our head offices within our first project on Kaokab Plain, so that, whenever visiting the Company, our client can look at our activities and work phases.
Choosing a vital location for the project, which is close to the city and has access to a network of highways.
Architectural beauty and the integrated housing project, which includes a tourist and service compound.
Clean environment, architectural beauty and implementation by high engineering expertise.
Strategic sites close to the city.
The services, which are considered by Tamleek as priorities to come to advanced residential communities.